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A Verizon wireless outage appears to still be impacting customers along the East Coast, even though company representatives have said it is fixed.

David Weissmann, public relations manager for Verizon’s North East market said that by 9:45 a.m., service had been fully restored to all affected customers. “Anybody that was affected by this issue it should be fully resolved at this time,” he said.

However, users continued to tweet service issues to Verizon’s customer service, which also is still replying to customers saying there is an outage. 


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Earlier Tuesday, some customers called for a hashtag to push Verizon to fix the problem, while others pointed out just how much people rely on texting.

Although Verizon did not confirm the scope of the outage, Down Detector, a website that tracks service and power outages, had a map with reported service outages.


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